#Th!nkTweet is a cool little book filled with twinsights, twumor, and twinfluence of Twitter.

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When you are REALLY good, people compete to work with you, since NOT working with you is a competitive disadvantage.

One gets “hurt” when ignored.
Rather than that, why not work
towards “being” that someone
who cannot be ignored?

When it comes to
relationships, you hit a home run
when you stop keeping score.

I feel sorry for “luck.”
Most people don’t give “luck”
the credit it truly deserves.

Do you want a bigger slice
of the pie? Then start with
increasing the size of the pie.

If you can’t say
“Thank God, It’s Monday,”
think about changing your job OR
changing yourself.

When you TRULY care for
someone, his/her concern
becomes your concern.

If people continue to listen to
you, it could be that you are
entertaining or enlightening.
Don’t confuse one for the other.

Do you stretch your
customers’ imagination
beyond their imagination?

#Th!nkTweet Book01: Bite-sized Lessons for a Fast-Paced World by Rajesh Setty is a collection of 140 bite-sized lessons that will help you learn and grow. FAST!


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