Create engaging websites is an easy-to-use online service for creating visually-rich web presentations. Use photos, text and media to create interactive full-screen displays.

Pllops work great on regular computers and tablets. Embed pllops into e-shops, add them to facebook pages, use them as landing pages and tablet web applications.

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Simple, visual, touch-friendly, versatile.

See what can be done with, get inspired and create your own. Pllops are perfect for promoting your products, projects, ideas and content.



Here are some ideas how you can profit from

  • Businesses - enrich your website by adding a pllop or add a pllop as a tab to your Facebook page. Example of pllop added to the website. Example of pllop added to Facebook page.
  • Bands – show off awesome photos and videos of your band, include music from Soundcloud, combine it with lyrics, with social network feeds and make your pllop rock!
  • Photographers – create immersive photo stories (like your custom Fotopedia magazine).
  • Book publishers – create book trailers with excerpts and testimonials for online campaigns, add it as a fans-only tab to your Facebook page.
  • Real-estate agencies – showcase properties with photos and floor plans, invite clients to open house events, easily clone showcases and create personalized landing pages for individual clients.
  • Travel agencies – embed interactive travel itineraries with full screen images, maps and media into your website.
  • E-shops – tell stories about your products and link them back to product pages in the e-shop.
  • Designers & agencies – expand your business by offering all these pllop-based solutions to your clients. Efficiently create added value for your services.

Learn how to use Pllop

Making pllops is easy, but making them look really great requires some skill. This is the place to learn how to design pllops and how to use them to add value to your content and business.

How to make an awesome pllop

All you need to know to create good looking pllops: choosing the right photo, dealing with vertical images, displaying text in a box or without it, using typography styles and more.


Are there any rules?

We have just a couple of basic rules: make sure you are not violating any copyright, pornography and hate speech are not allowed. Make Pllop the source of inspiration for yourself and others.

How can I use my Pllops?

Pllops can be used as independent mini-sites, emailed as messages, embedded in blogs and shared on social networks.

What’s the roadmap?

We'll be adding smart phone support. Also many more styles and fonts will be added soon. As well as option to use your Facebook photos, sell products from within Pllops and more.

Can marketing agencies and development studios use Pllop? Can we resell it?

Yes, we also offer the professional agency platform and welcome resellers. Contact us.

Will you add fancy effects and animated transitions between pages?

We want to keep the format simple and clear. Pllop is the stage where your content is placed front & center so that your message can get across in the most direct way. Too much fancy stuff would only be a distraction.

Do you need any help?

Thanks for asking! :) Yes, we need your help to make Pllop the best publishing platform of its kind. So get in touch and tell us what you need. Let us know if you run into problems using it. Share what you made.

Pay per pllop or choose the right subscription plan

Create pllops for free. pay when you are ready to publish.
No credit card is required to sign-up. Upgrade or downgrade at any time.

All plans have 14-days trial.

  Pay per pllop Personal Agency
  $ 2 / month * $ 10 / month $ 60 / month
How many published pllops
can I have?
1 5 25
Can I use my own domain name? - yes yes
Can I add my pllops to Facebook Pages? - yes,
on one page
Can pllops have pages only visible to its Facebook fans?  - yes
How many pages can each pllop have? 10 10 20
Can we use Google Anaytics?  - standard advanced
  Create Select plan Select plan


* Pay per pllop - it is a one-time fee. Your pllop will be published for one month.

Not enough? Do you need professional design service? Interested in agency pricing? Contact us.

Questions & Answers

Do you have a free plan?

Not at the moment. We want to keep pllop free from advertising and spam. But you can create pllops for free and pay only when you publish them. So you can have free pllops for your private use (unpublished pllops are only visible to you when you are logged-in).

Can I use more than one custom domain per account?

You can only use one custom domain per account. If you need more you can open additional accounts or contact us about reseller plans.

Can I add more than one pllop on a single Facebook page?

Not at the moment. That is a restriction presented by Facebook and we are working on finding a way around it.

How does Pay-per-pllop work?

You pay $2 to get your pllop published for one month. After one month you can pay again to have pllop published for another month. This option is great for content with limited duration, like invitations.

I don’t know which plan is right for me. What should I do?

Well, you can’t go wrong with the largest plan :) Seriously - don't worry about it. Just start creating your pllops. If you only have one or two pllops with limited duration choose the pay per pllop option. Otherwise start with the personal plan and upgrade to business if needed.

About us

We love creating stunning web solutions. And we believe that process should be fun, quick and above all free from dealing with repetitive technical nuances. It should work like magic. Transferring ideas to digital reality should just be a matter of few clicks. That’s what we set out to achieve with

We have a lot of aces up our sleeves and the road ahead of us is exciting. Hope you’ll join us!

Almost forgot – sometimes people ask us about the meaning of the word “pllop”.

Pllop is the sound of a small pebble falling into a pond. Like pebbles, pllops are light, easy to handle and simple. And like pebble falling into the water, pllops create ripples that travel far and wide.

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