We Are All Leaders:

The struggle to lead a startup

by Jerry Colonna


Find a comfortable place and get yourself a cup of delicious tea or coffee. Then:

  1. Move right and left from topic to topic.
  2. Stay on those topics that catch your attention.
  3. Write your thoughts, ideas and decisions into the notes area on each topic. Use your Facebook or Pllop account to save the notes. All your information is private and will not be shown to anybody else.

Notes areas look like this:  

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1. Hold the vision of what the company is and make certain it is well understood.

2. Build and  manage a great team and make sure each person understands their job.

3. Ensure everyone has the resources - the people, the money, the clarity - they need to succeed.


Ask the right question: What do you need?
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Leading from Within:

  • Be open about what’s going on
  • Build trust by taking responsibility
  • Be mindful of your own state of mind
  • Be aware of the feelings in the room
  • Clean up messes even if they’re not your own
  • Be not afraid...or at least admit it when you are

Pilot with a Dashboard:

  • Annual goals that break down into...
  • Quarterly goals that break down into...
  • Monthly goals that break down into...
  • Weekly goals each of which reflect the Big Three functions: Hold the vision, Build and manage a great team, Ensure everyone has resources


The Five Fs: Faith, Family, Fitness, Fun, and Firm.

Surround yourself with Elders and allies.

Cultivate and strengthen your inner life:

Identifying Values:

  • How curious and open am I?
  • How willing am I to take risks?
  • How present am I?
  • How interested am I in supporting others learning?

Use rituals as a Container.

Follow the “1/3, 1/3, 1/3” rule

One third taking care of business. One third taking care of the subtle and gross bodies–the inner you and the physical you. And one third for family, friends, community, the world at large.

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I’m not saying don’t work hard...

When you’re working, work.
When you’re laughing, laugh.
When you’re making love, make love.

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