This book is for YOU if you relate to one or more of these groups:

Lifelong Learners - always stretching, growing, searching for ways to renew and enhance their value.

Aspirationals - soak up fresh information, engage in new experiences, and glide towards mastery.

Temporary Strugglers - want their hard work to lead to greater trust, success, and six-figure incomes.

By infusing your business approaches with the actions outlined in this book, instead of your clients hearing "blah blah" when you engage with them, they'll think "Ah ha! This real estate agent is unique, behaves in trustworthy ways, and is choosable." Because of this, the future for you is bright.

Ken Brand, author, sales manager, thought leader.

Quotes from Amazon reader testimonials

It's fun to read, it makes you laugh, AND it's the blueprint for success in your field. It's NOT just for Realtors. It's a manual with all the "secrets" to building relationships.”

“Less Blah Blah More Ah Ha is by far the best book available for Real Estate Professionals. Ken does a great job of breaking down the tools needed to be a successful agent.”

“This book is the closest thing there is to a "magic pill" for selling real estate (or anything else). Whether you are just starting out in sales or you have been doing it forever, this is the book to read.”

From Blog to Book

How Dr. Liz guided real estate manager Ken Brand to organize his blog posts into a cohesive way that could be better consumed and appreciated by book readers.

From Book to Best-Seller Status

What happened to Ken's career and reputation as a thought leader once his book went viral.

What it takes to succeed in real estate

(Excerpt from Ken Brand’s book)

What does it take to succeed in real estate these days? My answer is what I call The Two True Secrets to Success. They are:

Knowing What Others Don’t


Doing What Others Won’t.

That’s it. It’s that simple. Or rather, it’s simple to understand. To create success takes diligent effort. To succeed, both knowing what others don’t and doing what the average and ordinary won’t are absolute requirements. To help internalize these two secrets, let’s look at them individually.

Knowing What Others Don’t

The more you know, the more attractive and valuable you are to other people (buyers and sellers). Ask yourself: What do I know that others don’t? Ask yourself: “What do I know that others don’t? What do the achievers I admire know that I don’t: about marketing, social media, building trust, problem solving, market knowledge, technical knowledge, communication, listening and presentation?”

You and I both know that the permanently successful are always learning, reinventing themselves, and continuously upgrading what they do and how they do it. It bums me out that legions of hopeful achievers don’t understand the definition of insanity: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.”

One simple key to victory and satisfaction is knowing that if you want a bigger and better result, you have to change, enhance, upgrade, or otherwise reinvent yourself. Then you have to take the new you and propel yourself into boom-goes-the-dynamite action.

Seriously, it’s illogical and frankly impossible to go from status quo to sweet new success by doing the same tired old things over and over and over again. If we want to create continual, sustained success, we have to know more about what works now than our competitors.

With this book, you’re off and running. Keep going…learn, learn, learn.

Doing What Others Won’t

It’s pretty straightforward. Without action, our good intentions are nothing more than cool-sounding ideas. To turn bright ideas and good intentions into new and tangible success, we gotta stop making getting-ready-to-get-ready excuses, lift our butts off the couch and focus on DOING smart things. Bottom line: to succeed you have got to take dramatic, boom-goes-the-dynamite action in this area as well. Especially when it scares you.

What Holds You Back

OK, about now you might be thinking, it’s easy to talk about doing things others won’t do, but it’s very, very hard to actually do what scares you. I get that, because even after thirty-two years in the business, I’m just like everyone else. I still experience icy waves of fear and doubt. And on occasion, I struggle to avoid getting sucked and suckered into feel-good, but unproductive and unprofitable, creative avoidance activities.

What I’ve learned is that fear feelings are normal in the real estate business. The difference between the perpetually successful and the perpetually struggling is their ability to take action even when their hearts and imaginations are pounding with fear. I’ve learned that while doing unfamiliar things may cause us to stumble and temporarily fail, ultimately we learn and grow.

In this book, you’ll learn how to overcome self-imposed barriers and position yourself to be the most choosable agent among your peers.

Now, before we move on, let me ask you a question. What business do you think we are in? What’s that? The real estate business, you say?

WRONG! We are absolutely NOT in the real estate business.

For the true answer, get your copy of this book on Amazon in paperback or kindle edition.

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