Tibet in 10 photos

by Matjaz Trontelj

Ashuk, a small village in East Tibet is the birthplace of ancient King Gesar. His estate has the best yellow winter grass, perfect for lying in it and observing the clouds.

New year celebrations

Monks of Shechen monastery pray, play and eat during rituals that last for seven days and nights.

Blue skies of winter

And rays of warm sun making me happy while resting after breakfast.

King Gesar

Lord of the Rings feels like a bedtime story compared to his adventures.

Hair and bones

strewn among flowers at the burial site.

Rainbow around the sun

A proper reward for climbing to the top of the mountain above the Shechen monastery.

Tashi resting

in the nature of the mind. Clear, spacious and fun.

Nothing to add.

Yulong Lhantso lake

Snowflakes are melting on it's turquoise surface, travellers are unable to leave.

Everything is simple

when you observe it from high above.


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