This is the First Page of your New Pllop

Your Pllop can have up to ten pages. This is the first one.

To start editing just click on the edit button in the bottom right corner. Once the editing tool is open, upload an image, set the title and the content. Then play around with fonts, positions and colors. Press "Save all changes" button and your new Pllop will be created (at that point you will have to login or register).

Read How to make an awesome pllop.

Note: editing Pllops is not supported in Internet Explorer at the moment.

The Second Page

The perfect length of a Pllop is around five pages. But don't make your Pllops longer than neccessary. Remember, less is more.

Just leave unused pages as they are - they will not be shown to viewers of your Pllop.

The Third Page

See, the content box can be placed in different positions.

Make sure you tell us if you run into any problems. And show us what you made.

The 4th Page

A penny for your thoughts (and images)...

The 5th Page

Here's an idea: surprise your loved ones with a special birthday or holiday greeting Pllop. Or send a romantic love Pllop to your SO.

p.s. Did you know that sending a love poem through Pllop is 45% more effective than sending it through email or text message?

The 6th Page

Use this page if you want, leave it empty if you don't need it.

The 7th Page

You can embed Pllops into your blog or website. Click on "Embed" in the top menu to get the embed code.

The 8th Page

Almost there...

The 9th Page

One more to go...

The Last Page

Here it is, the 10th page.

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